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Counseling Resources

Brecknock Elementary School's guidance and counseling office is located in the main hallway across from the library. Please feel free to stop in anytime if you have any questions or concerns.

Weekly counselor-led classroom guidance lessons provide students with tools to develop career awareness, enhance academic achievement, and improve their personal and social skills. Class meetings are integrated into the weekly guidance lessons, and give students a forum to help each other to solve school-related concerns and discuss issues that impact them as a classroom, grade, or school. Lesson plans have been developed to meet Pennsylvania's Standards for Career Education and Work and Standards for Social Skills. Each of our district's elementary counselors will be addressing the same topics during the same quarter.

    Lesson topics at Brecknock:

Olweus anti-bullying review in all grades
Kindergarten: Personal space and feelings
Grade 1 : Speaking and listening skills
Grade 2: Self management and self control skills
Grade 3 : Cooperation, empathy, team building
Grade 4 : Team building, accepting others, accepting responsibility
Grade 5: Cause & Effect, decision making skills, point of view and perspective
Grade 6: Responsibility, reputation, and role models
Kindergarten: Our interests; Jobs in our school and community
Grade 1: Interests; Career planning; Career resources; Entrepreneurship
Grade 2: Interests; Career planning; Career resources; Entrepreneurship
Grade 3: Interests & abilities; Career planning; Career resources; Entrepreneurship
Grade 4: Traditional & non-traditional careers; Career planning
Grade 5: Career planning & portfolios; Entrepreneurship; Budgeting
Grade 6: Career planning & electronic portfolios
Kindergarten: Friendship dynamics; school achievement
Grade 1: Conflict resolution
Grade 2: Changing roles; conflict resolution
Grade 3: Work habits and attitude; Test taking/coping skills; Self managment
Grade 4: Stress management & resiliency; Test anxiety & test taking skills; Learning style
Grade 5: Study skills; Time management; Goal setting
Grade 6: Internet safety & etiquette; Cyberbullying
Kindergarten: Cooperation; Conflict resolution
Grade 1: Self management and self control skills
Grade 2: Cooperation; Empathy; Team building
Grade 3: Conflict resolution
Grade 4: Problem solving skills; Peer pressure; Refusal skills
Grade 5: Responsibility, reputation, and role models
Grade 6: Changing roles; middle school transition


Individual counseling is available to any student at Brecknock Elementary School with academic, social, or personal concerns which may be impacting them at school. Students can use forms available in the guidance office, cafeteria, or main office to request a visit with the counselor, or may be referred by parents, teachers, or administration. A brief problem-solving model is used, helping students to identify areas of concern and to begin to generate solutions. Helping students to develop positive coping skills and to learn to solve conflicts peacefully and constructively is our primary goal. Supervised mediations are held whenever possible in peer conflict situations. Information about local counselors and psychologists is available in the guidance office for those students who may need longer-term counseling. School-based counseling is available through T.W. Ponessa or Pennsylvania Counseling.

Small group counseling is a good way for students to learn from and help each other, and is available according to need. Teachers, parents, and administration can refer students for group counseling. Groups have been formed to address needs as varied as school anxiety, grief and loss, study skills, friendship skills, and anger management, among other topics.

The Olweus Anti-Bullying Program is used by Brecknock Elementary School and all of ELanCo to help identify and prevent bullying behavior. The program rules and procedures are reviewed during guidance lessons/class meetings in the first marking period of the year.

Brecknock has many opportunities for student leadership. A sense of responsibility, respect for people and property, and improved self-esteem are just a few of the benefits students gain when they feel like an important and valued part of their school community. Our sixth grade students do a wonderful job serving as Safety Patrols on their buses and in the hallways at the beginning and end of each day. During the last quarter of their fifth grade year students can apply to be Safeties for the following year, and are given an opportunity to shadow the sixth graders during the last few weeks of school. Our fourth graders are in charge of the building's recycling program and devote one of their recesses each week to picking up, emptying, and returning the recycling bins in each classroom.


Gifted screening: Early in the school year all third grade fall testing will be reviewed by the counselor, and students who score Advanced on all of the district's fall testing will be eligible for screening for the district's gifted program. The screening, a Kauffman Brief Intelligence Test (KBIT,) is administered by the counselor in the guidance office; an evaluation form is also completed by the third grade teacher. Students whose total weighted scores on the fall testing, KBIT, and teacher evaluation fall into the Advanced range will be eligible for further screening with the gifted resource teacher. Parents of eligible students will be contacted by the counselor. Requests for gifted screenings for students other than third graders should go through the building principal.

Transition planning: Transitioning from one school to another can be a time of anxiety for many students. Individual counseling is always available for students who are entering or leaving our school, whether at the beginning or middle of the year. Our sixth grade students participate in an extensive Middle School Transition program which includes visits from current seventh graders who are former Brecknock students, and the opportunity to visit the middle school with parents. All of the elementary counselors work closely with the middle school counselors to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.